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Upon Graduating from high school in 1995, Antoi had already had interest and a little experience in hair care due to her mother's years as a cosmetologist. She studied at VICI of Milwaukee and became a successful cosmetologist. In her 20+ years of experience she has added to her resume years of continued education and experience. She prides herself in making her clients and the health of their hair her priority! Her dream from day one was to always own her own beauty salon, to give her clientele what she felt was above and beyond service. At the end of 2013, the opportunity fell into her hands to branch out from 15 years under her mothers wing and own her own full service salon and spa. Some of the services she provides are hair extensions, relaxers, cuts, color and more. Come experience the uniqueness of Transcending salon and spa



I am a self-taught artist, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have pursued the studies and practices of the ancient natural healing arts, including chakra balancing and meditation, Kemetic spirituality and cosmology for the past 7 years. For just as long, I have functioned as a Visual Artist/Independent Contractor and Youth Worker providing art programs, curriculum and projects for several non-profit organizations and businesses in Milwaukee and Madison, WI.More recently have began the study of the sciences of human physiology and biology while pursuing a career in Massage Therapy. Since completing the program at the Aveda Institute of Beauty & Wellness to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, I continue to provide art services, develop my art portfolio, and continue my education in the health field while I build clientele as I enter the massage field as a new therapist.I believe in the triumph of unconditional, universal love and peace over everything and believe in sharing this positive energy. I believe in doing my best and am committed to becoming a better person everyday and inspiring those around me to. I value human rights, building and sustaining healthy relationships, community awareness, advocacy and empowerment. I value the holistic- spiritual, emotional, and physical-- well-being of myself and others.This is my foundation that keeps me grounded and provides the substance of my experiences, actions and my artistic creations that are inevitably influenced by these life experiences.



I am a true believer that if you put it all in God's hands he will show up and show out!!I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 12 & have been fighting it for a long time. Some things I thought I would never be able to do or see. I was told I wouldn't make it but look at God I am now 29 & blessed to see it!! I've had many trial & tribulations (2 kidney transplants, dialysis, numerous hospital stays) in my life & I always got through it all & I am beyond thankful, blessed & highly favored!!I'm the 2nd oldest girl out of 7 siblings. I come from a strong, loving , very supportive family. My mother is my backbone my biggest supporter! I attend GNB(Greater New Birth Church) & I am a firm believer in prayer & God!!I've always been very creative in many things & took more of a liking to Cosmetology. I graduated from Martin's College of Cosmetology April 2006!! I have been doin hair for about 7/8 years now & loving it. I'm always open & looking to learn more with this profession. I like to be on the creative style, make clients feel welcome, relaxed & leave satisfied with a smile on their face. I believe that's my motivation & push to do a excellent job. I was beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work in Transcending Salon & Spa with Team Transcending. I don't think I could've been blessed with a better salon family!! I'm thankful for Antoi Johns giving me the chance & pushing me to do better & become the best at what I do & not stopping there. Since starting this journey I have been pushed to do things I need to do & giving many opportunities like becoming a distributer for It Works!! I've never been more motivated in my life then now & I am more than ready to continue on this journey!!Unlike ·



I am a hair stylist. The passion swims in my heart and burns through my finger tips. Who knew that I would have been here at 19? God has blessed me since the moment me and hair became ONE. I have not and will not give up. Hair is my calling. I was put here to make a difference. To change the perspective of "bad hair" to a understanding of lack of knowledge. This is my story...

I am a sister, daughter, wife and friend. I am honest, loyal, dedicate and trustworthy. Sugar coating is not my thing, and I have no tolerance for tom foolery!I have been a Probation & Parole Agent for the last five years. It is my calling to help people. I see a need for change in our community, and I strive to make a difference one person at a time. This past January, I was blessed to walk across the stage and receive my Master's Degree in Organizational Management & Leadership.A survivor of domestic abuse, I decided to start an organization called Loving Me 1st, Inc. Before you can help others, you must love yourself first. I provide victims of domestic violence with household items when they move from a shelter to their own safe home. I also help homeless men and college students moving into a dorm for the first time.Married to a wonderful man, I am the mother of three sons; 22, 19 and 16. I have dedicated my life to raising three God-fearing, strong, intelligent young men. AND they are gorgeous!Most recently, I enrolled at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness for the Part-Time Manicurist program. There I learned the importance of the well being of our body, minds and soul. Though I provide all hand and foot services, my favorite part is the massage. ALL of my services come with a hand and arm or leg and foot massage. That is why I call myself "Heavenly Hands", because my hands make you feel like Heaven!I was sent to Transcending Salon and Spa by God. I was simply obedient to His will after he answered my prayers to find a location that was just for me. I am thankful to be a part of a growing family. I am grateful that God has placed me with a woman who has the same ideas, passion, work ethic and views as me. I look forward to greater tomorrows with Team Transcending!


Kathi  Rodgers

 I have a passion for hair, no matter what I'm doing or where I am, something in the back if my head is saying soooo what's my new hairstyle?? Who's hair can I do like this? Ooooh I wonder if I'd have a client that would let me do this style!!!!But behind the big smile and goofy exterior is a great mother, a big sister, a awesome granddaughter and and really awesome friend!!I'm really happy I had this chance, and would happily do it over!! Thanks for choosing me as your braider!!!!


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Meet Nat!

Natalie is a certified color specailist and master hair designer. 17 years in the industry she provides flare to any hair! Natalie has that look you've been craving. So book your appointment today to get your flare back!


 Meet Chris!
Chris "Tha Barber" specializes in Men's and Boys haircuts from Low Cesar's, Mo-Hawks to High Top Fades also includes beard trim and lining plus offers a Nice Quick Facial.. So Come In and get One of the Best Cuts in the city of Milwaukee...



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